Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Had a recent brain fart on really k3wl yet unoriginal idea. Ever heard of RealFly? Well it is a nifty Windoze app that'll screw yer brain or at a minimum annoy you to hell. It mimics a fly on your desktop. It sticks onto mouse pointers, window borders and do pretty much what flies do.

Well me thinks of doing it for OSX but with the following added value ;-)
  • Dives into yer trash bin to lay some maggots
  • The maggots surface out of your trash bin onto your dock and every where
  • With buzzing fly sound effects
  • In true color
  • Universal Binary
I am not sure whether I am gonna release the sources though.
Which name tickles your fancy?:
  • iFlyAway
  • iFlies
  • MacFly
  • AquaFly
C'mon, gimme some suggestions.

Gr33tz go to burn666 for his input.

More info on RealFly here.